Friday, June 3, 2011

The moments that change people's lives

I had the honor of helping throw a baby Shower for Cassie Benson. A Godly beautiful woman who has poured into the lives of College girls. Her and Brock just had there first little baby boy Kandler. Working in a Preschool Ministry I have met and seen so many new Moms. It's always a joy to share these special moments with them. 

The Party Planners :)

Taken by THE Braeden Rogers 

Boy, Oh Boy!

Your life will be filled with riotous joy;
You’re in for it now; boy, oh boy!
Your new and thrilling life begins,
Full of baby boy coos and mischievous grins.

He’ll use every trick and baby ploy
To get your attention...your baby boy.
Soon he’ll crawl, explore and run;
His boyish adventures will never be done.

So don’t waste time with your newest toy,
He’ll be grown in a moment, your cute baby boy.

By Joanna Fuchs

::Shine Bright::

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