Friday, May 6, 2011

::For the Teacher or Volunteer::

A Sweet Reminder <3

When you look out over a classroom full of squirming children do you ever hear yourself saying, “Tell me again why I am doing this?” Where you excited to volunteer for this ministry, or were you begged mercilessly until you agreed to take on a class- and now your stuck? There are many wonderful reasons to teach kids! Ask yourself, “Do I have a servant attitude?” Teaching is largely about serving. Kids require our time, attention, and patience, and are able to give little in return. If your stamina for serving is low, you will not likely fill it with a classroom of attention- seeking 2-year-olds. Without a servant's heart, the privilege of helping kids know God turns into a duty and teaching becomes a task.

In a perfect world, only gifted teachers who thrive on crayons and lesson plans and up in front of Sunday School class. In the real world, however, you may find yourself teaching because there’s a need and no one else to fill it. If that’s your story- bless you for your willingness to serve. Continue to pray for God to use you in the way he sees best and to give you a heart for teaching. Whether in teaching of help behind the scene, the opportunity to have a part in pointing children to God is a gift in itself. Use it to the best of your ability.

Be a Blessing to these kids. They need your love and support

Shine Bright

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